Despite the fact that we all drive safely and carefully, vehicle breakdowns, collisions, flat tires, stalled vehicles, accidents and other mishaps are sometimes unavoidable. In any of these situations, you will need the service of a towing company to remove the vehicle from the area and transport it to a mechanic or location of your choice.


During this period of emergency need, it may be hard to find a reputable towing company who will offer a quality service at an affordable fee. It is therefore important that you have the contact details of at least one professional towing company handy, which you can call if the need arises.


However, with the help of the internet, you have access to a lot of towing companies. The good and the bad. It is therefore important that you know what to check out for when picking a towing company.  Below are some tips which will guide in choosing a towing company that would best serve you without breaking your budget.


9 Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Towing Company In OKC

1.   Services Offered:

The most important thing to ensure is that the towing company does what you need. Make sure that you study the service list of the company so that you can have a clear picture of what they will offer.


That they are all towing companies doesn’t mean they offer the same services. While some towing companies offer the basic towing services such as moving vehicles in cases of collision or damage, others offer more like road assistance, car removal and heavy transportation.


It is best to choose a towing service that will come to your aid at any time of the day or night, every day of the week. A towing company that offers a 24/7 assistance allows you to have peace of mind that if your car breaks down on the highway at 3 AM you can get the car towed safely.  Also, if you do move interstate with your car, you will need to contact an interstate towing service.

2.   Service Areas:

There is no point choosing a towing company whose service doesn’t cover your regular route. Most towing companies have specific areas where they operate. It is therefore needed that you have a list of towing companies whose service covers the route you take daily and choose the best. 


For instance, if you’re moving interstate, you will need to contact a towing company with an interstate service. Having the best towing company which may not be available when you need their help is as good as not having a towing company.


3.   Price List:

Majority of towing companies get phone calls from people who are in dire need of their services and don’t have time to shop around.


Not all of us can afford to pay whatever a towing company quotes. It is important to pay attention to the pricing list. Once you’ve gathered information on the short-listed companies, compare their prices. You can always compare the cost to know which towing company gives a quality service at a low price. Take a look at the mileage rate charges of each company. Remember that price shouldn’t be the only basis of your decision.


Beware of companies that are reluctant to give a price list saying they need to be on the scene to determine pricing. Flag them red.


4.   Reviews and Testimonials:

Testimonials and reviews are a best way to determine how effective a company is and how their services are perceived by other clients. Through reviews and testimonials, you can get to know the drawbacks of some companies.


However, when checking through reviews and testimonials, go through them to get the real idea of what is about and not just skim through. You can also talk to colleagues, friends and neighbors to get an unbiased opinion about the company’s service. 


Although experience is a great virtue, positive track reviews matters more.

5.   Customer Service:

It is difficult to deal with a negative attitude of customer services during an immediate need for a roadside assistance.


Will you have to make multiple calls before the phone gets answered? Will the response be polite and friendly during the call?  Things like this are subtle ways of determining the professionalism of the company.


If the executives and staff are rude, it can be a signal that their service won’t be a better one in terms of relating with customers.


6.   Trucks and Drivers:

Towing vehicles used by towing companies must pass annual inspection and must be free from rust and be in good shape.


If not towed properly, your vehicle could get damaged. This could be caused by inexperienced drivers or towing equipment in bad conditions. Ask about their trucks and driver and make your decision based on that.

7.   Emergency Support:

Mostly, towing services are needed during emergencies. You should keep an eye out for the kind of emergency services which the towing company offers. If a towing company isn’t responsive to emergency towing requests, there is no need to choose them.


This is why your choice of the best professional towing company should rely largely on their response rate to emergency cases and how quick they are at attending to such scenarios.

8.   Insurance:

It is appropriate to choose a towing company that has all its towing trucks insured and have all the necessary certifications required to run the establishment legally.


You might also need to ask your insurance company which towing services they recommend. This way, you can often get reimbursed due to agreements between the towing service and the insurance company.

9.   Additional Services

Some towing companies provide additional services such as tire change or jump start a car. Make findings about any additional services offered by the towing company.


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