What to do if your car was impounded!

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When you walk outside to find your car missing, that can definitely send your mind racing. Was it stolen, was it towed/impounded? What do i do? Who do I call? You may start calling different towing or wrecker services in Oklahoma City but this is not the way to go. It can only make matters worse by frustrating you even more and wasting your precious time.

If your vehicle has been impounded or towed by the police or a law enforcement agency, all you have to do is call the agency that requested the impound and they will be able to tell you exactly where your vehicle is located. So if you were towed off the side of the highway, more and likely, it will be Oklahoma Highway Patrol who impounded you. Helpful Agency Numbers are listed below.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol: 405-425-2323

Oklahoma City Police Dept: 405-297-2535

Oklahoma County Sheriff Dept: 405-713-1000

Bethany Police Dept: 405-789-2323

Warr Acres Police Dept: 405-789-0202

The Village Police Dept: 405-751-9564

Del City Police Dept: 405-677-2443

Midwest City Police Dept: 405-739-1306

Yukon Police Dept: 405-354-1711

Moore Police Dept: 405-793-5171

Edmond Police Dept: 405-359-4420



Find Online

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety keeps a database online of impounded vehicles:

Click Here To See If Your Vehicle Is Listed



How to Get Your Vehicle Out of Impound

You can get your vehicle out of impound by providing:
  • Payment for all monies due to include removal and storage costs. We accept CASH & CC’s
  • Valid Proof of ownership (title, registration receipt)
  • Valid Proof of identity (or authorization from owner – see below*)
  • Valid insurance verification
  • Release of any law enforcement holds, and applicable fees
  • * If you are out-of-state and authorize to have your vehicle released to someone else, you will need to fill out a notarized Absentee Release Hold Harmless form to give permission to a specific individual. The person must have a valid photo ID present and other items noted above.
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