Moore is city located 9-miles south of Oklahoma City, Moore lies in Cleveland County on the State highway, City Central, with Interstate 35 and the United States highway 77. From the year 1886 all through to1887, the Southern Kansas railway (a working subordinate of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway which purchased it completely in 1899) had tracks laid all through the area, which happened to be placed in unassigned lands anterior to the land run of 1889. At the present townsite, the railway found a stop that happened to be watering and named it VERBECK.

Moore Oklahoma 

The name MOORE was coined with the help of a railroad employee, Al Moore and it became official in 1893. Al Moore lived in a boxcar along the railroad and had difficulty with communications and mails. He put his name on the side of the car, thus creating a rail road stop “Moore.” The community later received a postal allotment in May 1889, with Albert Petite as postmaster. The postman pressed forth in using Moore’s name as an identifier for stop and that is what later accounts for the name.

In 1930, the population was quite small (538) and declining (499) before getting to 942 in 1950. The population size remained so till the 1960s when planned urban and industrial development began then it hit 1,783, and continues to increase all through to 1970 when it reached 18,761 and currently, the city is one of the fastest growing cities. The industries include the manufacture of processed foods, building materials, aircraft parts and petroleum products.

After 70 years had passed by with little growth, in 1963, the city of Moore began to experience expansion; a year after it received a city charter. Moore’s visibility had improvement not only because it was weaved in between Norman and the Oklahoma City. It also happened due to the expansion and completion of Interstate 35. A new look was provided by the Interstate for Moore from the poor farming settlement to an official suburb of Oklahoma City.

The region where Moore happened to be located is called Tornado Alley because of the intense frequency of Tornadoes there. On May 3, in the year 1999, the surrounding areas, as well as the city were struck by a storm that registered winds with speed of about or more than 480KM (which is about 300miles) per hour. 

People killed in numerous amounts, dozens faced injuries and the area suffered $1 billion worth of property damage. Again, on May 20, 2013, another major tornado devastated Moore. We’re a towing company in Moore OK.

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