What is Towing?

To pull something behind one using a line or chain; to haul. It is the act of getting something towed. Towing is coupling two or more objects together so that they may be pulled by a designated power source or sources. The towing source maybe a motorized land vehicle, vessel, animal, or human, the load of anything that can be pulled. These may be joined by a chain, rope, bar, hitch, three-point, fifth wheel, coupling, draw bar, integrated platform, or other means of keeping the objects together while in motion.

What is an RV?

An RV is a recreational vehicle; it is designed for use as living quarters used for overnight recreational (any activity, such as play, that amuses, diverts or stimulates.) activities and travel.

Rapid Response RV Towing Service In OKC

Traveling in an RV is all about comfort and convenience, but what about once you have arrived at your destination. There are several hindrances to not bringing your personal vehicle. How will you get around on urban streets when you need to go to town for groceries or you need to be at a meeting? Or if you want to go sightseeing after you’ve set up camp? What will you do?

It can be quite a hassle to drive your RV along narrow, twisting roads and maneuver through urban traffic; considering the size and the need. Not to mention trying to find suitable parking spot, and paying for the extra fuel that you will be expending can add up to a pretty penny. The RV 4 Wheels Down

Towing your car 4 wheels down, also called toading, dinghy towing, of flat towing, has many advantages. It is fast becoming a popular option for many RV owners. The biggest benefit is that it has little to no impact on the gas mileage, handling, and the wear and tear on your RV. It also provides the ability to go shopping, sightseeing, and exploring at a moment’s notice with no need to drive your big RV all over town.


Four-down towing is easier with vehicles that have a manual transmission. This method of towing involves attaching a tow bar to your vehicle and letting the vehicle roll behind the RV on its own four tires.

There are a variety of vehicles that can be towed behind your RV without the need for a complicated set-up or a trailer. For example, most Jeep vehicles can be towed without modifications. This is also true for some Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and Honda cars, SUVs, and trucks. But you will have to check with your dealer to ensure towing ability. It can be expensive to repair a vehicle that you shouldn’t have towed in the first place.

The best vehicle to tow behind an RV is lightweight and can be towed with its wheels on the ground. Remember, the lighter the vehicle, the less wear and tear on your towing system and the RV. It’s also an advantage to you if the vehicle’s mileage doesn’t change while it’s being towed.

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