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Best Fishing Spots In OKC

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If you have stayed long enough in Oklahoma City you would have noticed that fishing is more than taking a catch home for lunch or dinner, it is way deeper than that.

It has gradually morphed into a way of life and a need to escape from the complexity of life to a more secluded space where you can have a quick outing. Lately, a lot of people visit fishing creeks, lakes, or ponds for their lunch break or practice a new skill they’ve learned. Here’s a useful resource for your fishing adventure: An interactive and good fishing and kayaking spots maps.

Whatever the reasons are, discovering the best fishing spots might be a little confusing considering the massive waterways. You do not necessarily have to cast a line in the larger bodies of water before you have an incredible fishing experience, there are also smaller ponds, rivers, and creeks that are still a great place to go fishing.

Well, If you are ready to fish then grab your rod and tackle as we take you on a journey to these amazing fishing spots in Oklahoma City.

Best Fishing Spots In OKC



The Oklahoma River is one of the larger bodies of water that is often overlooked, little did you know that if you are living near downtown, the Oklahoma River does not only offer a convenient fishing spot but it is well accessible from almost every place downtown.

It was originally a 7-mile stretch of the North Canadian River but was later transformed into a series of lakes that are bordered by trails, landscaped areas and recreational facilities. The river is bounded to the east by Eastern Avenue and the west by Meridian Avenue. To raise the level of the river, dams are erected at Western, Eastern, and May avenues.

To fish in the Oklahoma River, you must have been licensed by the state and you must possess a city fishing permit. This requirement is for individuals between the ages of 16-62 years. However, you can take advantage of the Free Fishing Days when you can go fishing without any permit. This happens during the “Hooked on Fishing” summer classes and every first Saturday of the month.

Oklahoma River is home to several species of fishes including; sand bass, largemouth bass, walleye, crappie and even hybrids. You would be surprised to find hybrids that weigh up to 3 to 10 pounds. Be informed that seines, cast nets, spears, gigs, limb lines, trot, etc. are not allowed.

Just grab your rods, reels and line as you head to the river for adventurous fishing and if you are a fisherman, floats are allowed in coves and tributaries during daylight hours. Don’t forget to come with a life jacket and watertight waders.


Medicine Creek is a perfect fishing spot for individuals and anglers who desire a great fishing opportunity coupled with a peaceful fishing day on the water. It’s a pleasant place to go fishing with family, kids can easily access the water with the help of granite rock lines along the creek’s banks.

Medicine Creek begins far the town of

Medicine Park, through Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and Medicine Park, running past Lake Lawtonka (on the Northside of the mountains). The creek is normally stocked with rainbow trout in the winter months by the Wildlife Department, making it a top trout fishing spot throughout the year. Aside from the rainbow trout, other species in the creek include Bluegill Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, Redear Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Channel Catfish.

You can effortlessly access the creek from the sidewalk on the East and another from the North of the State Highway 49 bridge. And when you are done fishing for the day, you can treat yourself to lunch or dinner in any of the restaurants that are within walking distance. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge also offers camping facilities where you can chill out with friends and family. However, a state fishing permit is also a requirement for fishing.


Lake Eufaula is a favorite spot for Crappie fishing in the city of Oklahoma. And because of its supper abundance of Crappie, a lot of people come around to learn the newest methods of catching this species.

Lake Eufaula is a reservoir in Oklahoma, located in the Canadian River, with 27 miles upstream from its confluence. It is the largest lake in Oklahoma and has 600 miles of shoreline. The lake drains parts of Mclntosh County, Haskell, Pittsburg and Okmulgee Counties, and gets its major inflow from the Canadian River.

Apart from Crappie being the major dominance of this lake, species like white bass, black bass, and lunker catfish have found a home in it. A growing population of Kentucky bass is now becoming more obvious. Not only is the spot ideal for kids,  fishing activities also take place in the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

This is the best time of the year to fish, why not hit the water and cast your line for a great catch in this lake full of Crappie? You never can tell, a trophy striper might just take your bait.


Are you around OKC and hoping to fish in clear water? Lake Tenkiller is your sure bet. The lake is sometimes called Tenkiller Ferry Lake, a water paradise with year-round fishing. The lake features natural Cookson Hills reaching up into Cherokee and Sequoyah Counties.

Lake Tenkiller is located just south of Tahlequah on the Illinois River. Aside from fishing, the lake offers several outdoor recreational activities. Hunters can lookout for a few animals on the West of the lake while anglers spend hours baiting walleye, bass, crappie, rainbow trout, flathead catfish and sunfish.

The lake is one of the best fishing holes in Oklahoma, anglers may choose to fish right from the shore or find a perfect space to put their boat. You will always get local resources helping you with the right spots for a great catch around the lake.

While the trout fishery on the Illinois River has been a major attraction for many visitors like rafters and canoeists, you will find three heated fishing docks if fishing in the Winter is what you enjoy. You can also come around for the popular fishing tournaments.

Additional onsite amenities for visitors are showers, enclosed fishing docks, restrooms, electric outlets, concession services, group shelters, boat rentals, Marinas and cabins.


Unlike other bodies of water in Oklahoma City, Lake Watonga is one of those fishing spots that allow kayaking and boating. It is located in Blaine County within Roman Nose State Park, Oklahoma and sits in a canyon surrounded by streams and rocky cliffs. The lake stretches to about 55-acres of surface area with an average depth reaching approximately 12 feet.

Lake Watonga provides a variety of recreational opportunities for guests of all ages with fishing as a favorite activity. It offers winter trout fishing opportunities and a great population of largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, sunfish, and abundant rainbow trout. The Roman Nose State Park on its western shores provides a level, grassy access around the lake.

The lake maintains a plethora of recreational facilities together with the Roman Nose State Park. There is a lodge where visitors can settle in if they wish to stay back. Restaurant, grills, electricity, cabins, picnic tables, showers and boat ramp are all modern amenities to be enjoyed at the lake.


When it comes to getting a line wet to catch trophy trout to smallmouth bass in the southern part of Oklahoma, McCurtain County has some of the clearest waters to explore. Once you get your Oklahoma fishing license, you can set off by boat or in waders into the Ouachita Mountains.

There is plenty of fish to reel in the Mountain Fork River. It is one of the best fishing streams in the Midwest with distinct species on the upper and lower sides. The Lower Mountain Fork River offers 12 miles of outstanding fishing trout while the Upper Mountain River is known to be one of the best fishing spots for smallmouth bass.

The Lower Mountain Fork River is regularly stocked with rainbow and brown trout, and offers year-round fishing trout from the Broken Bow Reservoir spillway downstream up to the U.S. 70 bridge. Trophy trout are best targeted by anglers from November to March.

Just above the Broken Bow Lake is the Upper Mountain Fork River which is home to smallmouth bass, spotted and largemouth bass. White bass and walleye are also found in the spring. The best time to catch a wide variety of species is in March or April.

Fishing in all Oklahoma waters comes with a few restrictions and regulations, however, ensure that there are no violations of any on your part. Need a cheap towing service in OKC? Give us a call today, we’re here to help

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