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Now, you might have heard the phrase ‘Private Property Impounding’ in passing but never really sat down to fully understand what is it. So picture this. It’s June in Oklahoma and you know how hot those summer months can be. To beat the heat, you plan a pool party for friends and family and you’ve got a sweet parking spot just for them. But what happens when some random stranger decides to park their car there without your permission? That’s where private property impounding comes into play!

Private property impounding is like having a superhero power to zap away unwanted cars from your property. It’s when someone who owns the land or a parking area, like a shopping mall or a fancy apartment complex, decides to take action against those sneaky rule-breakers who park where they shouldn’t.

Just like how a hero swoops in to save the day, tow trucks like us snatch up the illegally parked vehicle and we take it away to an impound lot. The car sits there, waiting for its owner to come to the rescue and pay the fees to set it free. That is what we do here at Ultimate Reflections Towing. We’re a licensed towing company that provides excellent towing services that caters to all your towing needs. We are only a quick call away!

Why Private Property Impounding Is Important

Private property impounding is crucial for several reasons. It allows property owners to maintain order and ensure a positive experience for their tenants, customers, and employees. By enforcing parking regulations, property owners can prevent unauthorized parking, reserve spaces for authorized individuals, and discourage vehicles that may pose safety risks or disrupt the flow of traffic.

Moreover, private property impounding helps to alleviate parking congestion, particularly in high-demand areas where limited parking spaces are available. It ensures fair access to parking for all users and discourages non-compliant behavior, creating a more organized and efficient parking environment.


The private property impounding process involves several essential steps to ensure a fair and legal procedure:

  1. Notice: In Oklahoma City, property owners or their authorized representatives must display signs that meet specific requirements outlined by the city’s ordinances. These signs should clearly indicate the parking rules and regulations, including any applicable towing enforcement. The signs must be easily visible and placed at all entrances to the property.
  2. Violation Documentation: When a vehicle is found parked in violation of the property’s rules, the authorized personnel will document the violation by taking photographs of the vehicle and its license plate. They will also record the vehicle’s make, model, color, and any other identifying details. The date and time of the violation are also noted as part of the documentation process.
  3. Notification: After documenting the violation, the vehicle owner or operator must be notified promptly. In Oklahoma City, the notification is typically done by attaching a notice to the vehicle that provides information about the violation, contact details for the towing company, and instructions on how to resolve the issue.
  4. Waiting Period: In accordance with Oklahoma City’s regulations, a waiting period of 48 hours is required before the towing company can remove the vehicle from the private property. This waiting period gives the vehicle owner an opportunity to address the violation, pay any outstanding fees or fines, or rectify any misunderstandings.
  5. Towing and Storage: If the violation remains unresolved after the waiting period, the authorized towing company, such as Ultimate Reflections Towing, is called upon to remove the vehicle from the property. The towing company will follow the proper procedures, ensuring the safe and secure removal of the vehicle and transporting it to a designated impound lot.
  6. Retrieval Process: To retrieve an impounded vehicle, the owner or operator must contact the towing company directly. They will need to provide proper identification, proof of ownership (vehicle registration), and payment for any applicable fees, including towing and storage charges. Once all requirements are met, the towing company will release the vehicle to the rightful owner.

Yes, clear and conspicuous signage outlining parking rules and regulations is essential to enforce private property impounding. Properly displayed signs serve as a warning to potential violators and help establish the property owner’s authority to impound vehicles parked illegally.

Waiting periods can vary depending on local regulations, but they usually range from 24 to 72 hours. This gives vehicle owners a reasonable opportunity to correct the violation before impounding takes place.

In most cases, private property impounding is separate from government-issued parking tickets. Private property owners cannot impound a vehicle solely for unpaid parking tickets. However, if the vehicle is parked in violation of property rules, impounding may be initiated.

At Ultimate Reflections Towing, we take every precaution to ensure the safe handling of impounded vehicles. However, in the rare event of damage occurring during the impounding process, we carry comprehensive insurance to cover such incidents.

Yes, vehicle owners have the right to dispute the impounding decision if they believe it was done unfairly or in error. They can follow the dispute resolution process outlined by the towing company or local authorities.

Happy Customer Reviews

Felipe Barrios
Felipe Barrios
Carlos has towed my car twice and it’s always been an easy process. Comes in 25 minutes and is very friendly, would use again.
Veta Robinson
Veta Robinson
They are amazing folks. Carlos is a great driver!! He will get you taken care of
Whitney Davidson
Whitney Davidson
Carlos and Wesley came out to help me, after having a blowout on my expedition! They were fast to get here, professional, and very friendly!! I highly recommend calling them for any roadside assistance!!!
Sbmsarjun rakesh
Sbmsarjun rakesh
Carly White
Carly White
So I got into a wreck on 4/18 and they came and towed my car and gave me their business card, and I came to pick up some stuff out of it, it was hailing and raining HARD, and they still had someone come out to meet me so I could get my stuff! Had to come back the next day to get my tag and the guy was very sweet and helpful!
Felix Avila aguilar
Felix Avila aguilar
Great guys attention 100% good they are responsable. Everything was on time thx guys
Tyson Williams
Tyson Williams
Carlos was a real good driver, was a lot of help. Recommend this service company over Arrow
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