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Imagine you’re in a hurry to meet up with an appointment of any kind, kick-starting the car and it is not responding. Have you been disappointed before in the middle of the road? It is always frustrating to know that it is a dead battery issue. Once discovered, either as a novice to such a situation, or one who has experienced it before, you will seek to know how you can jump-start your car easily. 

How long it will take you to jump-start your car and at what point the battery needs to be replaced. This is something that can happen to any of us and, most of the time, it happens at the most inconvenient time.

It is important to know that a car battery doesn’t suddenly die or wear out but that many factors contribute to the situation. These factors include:

  • When the alternator develops issues, it can affect the battery and make it worn out or dead.
  • It could be that the battery is too old and needs to be replaced. Normally it is advisable to always check and change the battery at least every 3 to 4 years to avoid sudden brake down.
  • When you leave things up and running while the car is off for a long time, it contributes to draining the car battery. For example, the car light.
  • Terminal issues can as well affect the battery.
  • Again when the battery is exposed to a temperature either above its normal temperature and below its normal temperature, it can likewise affect the battery, causing it not to function properly.
  • Constantly turning your car on and off can equally make the battery give out faster than you expected. This is because a bit of the battery energy is consumed in every process of the car ignition.

Aside from the above-mentioned factor, when there is a massive buildup of spilled grease or dirt around the nodes, it can cause an overall breakdown which leads to battery decay.

Battery Jumpstart OKC


The process of jump-starting a dead battery commences by putting in place the necessary tools needed, which are the right jumper cables and a good car. Make sure to properly keep the two cars in a good packing space out of any interference or massive traffic area. Create a space of 18 inches apart from each car. Tightly apply the brakes so that while in the process, there won’t be unnecessary movement. Pop the hood and locate the battery. It is necessary to brush away any buildup or corrosion that might be around the nodes.

In connecting the jumper cables, they need to be properly done. Avoid contact with the metal part of your jumper cables except for the proper terminal areas of the battery. Doing this will help to avoid any sort of electrical shock while you’re connecting two cables.

Connecting the cables requires you to attach the end of your positive jumper cable (usually in red color) to the positive (+) terminal of your “dead” car battery. The other end of your positive jumper cable goes to the positive (+) terminal of your “good” condition battery. Equally, do the same connecting with the negative clamp’s cable (usually in black color) onto the negative (-) terminal of your “good” car battery. While on this process, make sure that all power connections are turned off.

Just after the clamp(jumper) cables are fixed and connected properly to the batteries, first start up the good car and allow it to run for about 2 mins with a slight pedal to the gas. After which try starting the car with the dead battery, allowing it to run as well for like 2-5mins. Once this is done, disconnect the jumper cables starting from the negative terminal first.

The proper execution of this process guarantees the dead battery to be charged, therefore allowing you to drive again. If the result is not satisfying then seek the help of experts in the area or a nearby battery replacement store for efficient management and repair if need be.


When unexpectedly your car refuses to start up due to a dead battery issue, you need to boost the battery with clamp cables and a good car as a tool.

  • Open the hood and locate the batteries on both cars, removing any buildup or corrosion that might be around the nodes.
  • Connect the jumper cables properly and start the car with a good battery first. Allow it to run for about 2 mins and then move over to the car with the dead battery. Start the car with the dead battery, allowing it to run as well for about 2-5 mins.
  • Thereafter, disconnect the cables properly starting from the negative terminals which are always black.
  • Once the car starts make sure you don’t move immediately, allow your battery enough time to pick up.

So from the above procedure, the entire process when properly executed should be about 5 minutes starting from connection to charge. But in extreme cases, it can take up to 10-30 mins. Recharging the dead battery shouldn’t take a long time If you know what you are doing. But if you are still uncertain about the process, you may want to request help as it can be dangerous.


Constant giving up of your car battery should remind you of the need to replace the battery. It shouldn’t be a big task and the cost price is not too high, especially if you need to get back up and drive again.

If the problem turns out to be something more serious than a dead battery, you’ll want to take your car to any car care professionals or center near you, where the problem can be deduced and fixed as quickly as possible.

Once properly diagnosed, there may be a need for you to either replace your battery or another car part contributing to your car battery problem. Need a jumpstart service in OKC? Call us now and we’d be right over to help!

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