Myriad botanical garden covers 17 acres of land in downtown Oklahoma, located at 301 W. Reno Oklahoma City, OK 73102. A home to over 1000 species of plants which makes it colorful. It is one of the most loved public spaces and tourist attractions center in Oklahoma City.

It includes a garden for children, “splash fountains”, an off-leash dog park, the park restaurant, and paths for walking/jogging that provides its guest the opportunity to free their minds. The Myriad botanical gardens is a place for all people – young and old. It provides solitude of nature as well as the community and company of others. You can have time alone with your thought and also have company form others.

Myriad Botanical Gardens OKC

Myriad botanical gardens is not just a recreational center, it is also a center of healing and learning. Nature has healing abilities. Myriad botanical gardens brings us in close contact with plants. The beauty and resilience of plants heal and purges our minds. I don’t know about you but there is this feeling I get when surrounded by beautiful plants in a good landscape. All tensions disappear, I feel like the stress, worries and burdens have been lifted. I feel lighter. Are you stressed and in need of a break yet you don’t have the luxury of having a vacation? Then myriad gardens is the place to go.

In myriad botanical gardens, you also find pieces of art strategically placed. For a lover of art, this is perfection – the blend of nature with the beauty of art. The Myriad botanical garden also provides tours and programs that aim to educate people of all ages on plants and ecology. This gives them more practical knowledge. A great location for weddings and other events whether small or large as it gives a background of natural appeal with elegance. It seems surreal for a place like this to exist.

Over the years Myriad botanical gardens has developed and found ways to serve its guests better since its opening in the 1970’s making it a world-class urban park. Myriad gardens never lose its appeal because of good management. It is a must-visit destination for anyone who steps foot into Oklahoma as it is the City’s centerpiece.


The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

The central highlight of the Myriad gardens is the crystal bridge tropical conservatory. It is a tunnel bridge that leads to a land of wonder that is 22d feet long with a diameter of 70 feet covered by translucent panes of glass. The crystal bridge tropical conservatory is a 13000 square foot climate-controlled conservatory with sprawling, colorful flowers and tropical plants with a 35-foot waterfall. The serenity of the waterfall beckons its guests to walk beneath its cascading waters.

The crystal bridge conservatory contains two distinct zones. The first is located at the southern end and is known as the tropical wet zone or Wet Mountain. The other is located at the opposite end and is referred to as the tropical wet zone or Dry Mountain. The watering and temperature are controlled to give the plant a habitat close to its natural habitat.

Whether you’re looking for exploration, a stroll through the park, or an exciting event, the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory in Oklahoma City is the place to visit. In one word, the garden and conservatory is a place of bliss. Need a towing service near myriad botanical gardens? Contact Ultimate Reflections Towing LLC.

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