Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens is both a zoo and botanical garden. It is one of the most famous and largest cultural attraction not just in Oklahoma but in America. Visitors marvel at diversities and uniqueness of wildlife found in the zoo. If you are a resident of Oklahoma or even a visitor and you have not visited the Oklahoma City Zoo, you are missing out. It is among the top ten places to visit in Oklahoma City.

Okalhoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden cover over 119 acres of land that houses over 1900 animals. It is located at 2000 Remington Place, Oklahoma City, OK 73111 which is in the Adventure District of northeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Surrounding the Zoo is the Zoo Amphitheater, Lincoln Park, Northeast Lake, and the Lincoln Park Golf Course. Other notable places found within the Adventure District are the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Science Museum Oklahoma, the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame, and Remington Park Racing/Casino.

The zoo is structured such that it gives an easy sectional view of the zoo. The Asian-themed section covers 9.5 acres and houses the herds of Asian elephants found in the zoo. The expedition Asia like every other section of the zoo is top-notch and includes a waterfall, pools, and spacious outdoor yards.

The Cat Forest/Lion Overlook provides a close up living view of various species of cats both small and big with over 4000 plants to give a replica of their native environments. The Great Escape is home to gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees in a 6 acres ground.

Oklahoma trail displays native animals to Oklahoma City ranging from owls to black bears and covers 7.7 acres of land. Some of the animals found in the Oklahoma trail are alligators, bison, beavers, and more than 2 dozen snakes. The trail has a bird walk-in exhibit and barn.

The zoo did not neglect animals found in the aquatic environment. It provides an aquatic environment containing coral, California sea lions among other 1,500 aquatic animals. There is also a garden for butterflies that covers 21,000 square feet. The over 15,000 plants are beautiful and attract the butterflies. The butterflies found in the garden include the eastern black swallowtail, the giant swallowtail, the painted lady, and the monarch butterfly.

The children have their section where they can connect with animals in a fun way. The children zoo features goats, monkeys, flamingos, lorikeets, and a play stream.

Some other attractions found within the zoo are the island life that contains representative species from around the universe, the giraffe feeding platform, the Safari tram, the Safari voyage boats, the Sea Lion show, the Centennial Choo Choo, the Jungle Gym playground, the Endangered Species Carousel, and swan paddle boats.

The Oklahoma City Zoo has been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). It is also an accredited member of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). AZA is an international body that ensures animal conservation and cares as well as family fun. Families should take time to make findings before visiting any zoo and be sure that they are certified by AZA. This ascertains them that the animals are neither abused nor exploited. It also implies that the animals are well taken care of by trained experts, the animal habitats reflect their natural environments, are given excellent veterinary treatment and they enjoy opportunities that keep them mentally stimulated. AZA also maintains survival plans for several species that ensure the genetic health of future generations. Need a trust worthy towing service near oklahoma city zoo and botanical garden? Call Ultimate Reflections Towing LLC Today!


Since the onset, the Zoo through fascinating programs has educated the community about wildlife. This makes visitors feel connected to animals and motivates them to be active in the preservation of the natural world. Education on wildlife is fundamental to their conservation. Learning in the zoo ranges from educational signs to personal interactions with zookeepers and observing of the animals themselves. If you an animal lover, Oklahoma City Zoo gives you an opportunity to connect with animals and go wild!


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