Car being impounded. Apartment complex towing in OKC.

Private property car removal

Apartment Complexes

 When it comes to apartment towing, you want to ensure that the parking garages, parking lots, and other parking spaces reserved for your tenants are clear of unwanted vehicles. The problem is finding a solution that not only removes vehicles quickly and efficiently but also one that is 100% compliant with State laws and regulations concerning private property impounding.  When your complex or lot need a tow truck fast, call Ultimate Reflections Towing. 

 Property managers and tenants always need to be confident that they are ensured a place to park.  Some use gated and manned entries, others use carded entries, and others rely on towing companies to monitor their lots to ensure that only properly placarded vehicles occupy their spaces. 

This service will not cost the apartment complex or tenants any money, the violator will be responsible for the towing and storage fees.

 We offer a wide variety of parking enforcement services. These include 24-hour surveillance, regular scheduled surveillance, call-up service (the most common); where you or someone you designate call us when a parking violation has occurred, signage, placards/decals, and more.  Give us a call to discuss your apartment complex towing needs in Oklahoma City.  

Private Property Car Removal

 Illegally parked cars,, abandoned cars, and even junk cars cost the traveling public time, money, and many times, frustration.  If a vehicle has been abandoned on your property for 48 hours, can be sooner depending on parking factors, such as blocking driveway, then you can have than vehicle towed away from your property. This is at no charge to the property owner or legal possesor/tenant and will be billed to the vehicle owner.