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Hitches such as vehicle breakdowns are things we cannot avoid when we own and drive a car. Not only can vehicle breakdowns ruin your day, they are also a hassle to deal with. Funny enough, it doesn’t matter how smart and meticulous you are with keeping up with scheduled maintenance, there is going to be a time that your car will hit a bumpy highway. 

However, the hitches range from minor to major, it could be;

  • a flat or popped tire,
  • dead battery,
  • stuck in the mud or ice,
  • an accident that leaves you stuck,
  • stuck in a ditch,
  • forgot your keys in the car,
  • ran out of gas.
You don’t have to be grumpy, neither is it a time to heap blame on yourself for being careless, these emergencies can happen at any time, to anyone. They are emergencies because they occur at the most inconvenient time like when you have to catch up with a client for an appointment or you have an impromptu meeting to attend.

When you get stuck in a messy situation like this, all you need is the help of a roadside assistance company. They help to lessen your hassle!

Roadside assistance sometimes referred to as breakdown cover, is a service put in place to help drivers when their automobiles (car, bus, truck, vehicle, and motorcycle) breakdown with an attempt to repair mechanical damage and make adjustments in order to get the vehicles going again.


Roadside Assistance - Man Calling For Help and Sitting on The Road


Roadside assistance or breakdown cover offers a wide range of services which include;

  • Jumpstarts: when your vehicle breakdown as a result of a dead battery or battery discharge, roadside assistance helps to jump-start your battery to get your car back in motion again.
  • Battery replacement: Some car batteries may not come back to life even after being jump-started, therefore battery replacement is required in such situation. Roadside assistance provides a battery that is durable and cost-effective.
  • Key recovery: lockout service is one of the prominent services rendered by breakdown cover. One can be easily irritated most especially when you accidentally lock the keys inside the car, it’s a cry for help! However, roadside assistance can be of great help. You will have your car back to yourself when a locksmith is sent over to unlock your car.
  • Tire replacement: There’s nothing more annoying than having your car tire punctured on the freeway plus, the time wasted. Roadside assistance offers tire replacement service that helps in saving time, hassle and money. Whether you have a spare tire or not, a roadside service provider will change your tire and ensure that you don’t face any difficulty in the future.
  • Emergency fuel delivery: The emergency road service provider tends to come to your rescue when you run out of fuel unaware especially when you hit the highway without checking the fuel gauge or when you drive too far, which was not included in your daily routine. Instead of getting all worked up, contact the nearby road assistance, they will make provision for fuel that will get you to the nearest gas station to fill up.
  • Breakdown tows: Breakdown could be a little complicated even after being attended to by roadside assistance. If car owners or drivers experience mechanical failure that requires longer time especially during the night or in the rain, the service provider may decide to dispatch a tow truck to transport both the car owner and the disabled car to an auto shop or a repair facility where the car will be tended to.
  • Winching or extrication: More often than not, vehicles get stuck in the ditch leaving car owners helpless. The situation gets weirder when they are stuck in the mud or ice. Road assistance helps to pull out vehicles making them drivable again.


No one enjoys being stuck or delayed, especially after preparing for so long for a vacation. It will be wise to prepare not only for the adventure but also to see that your car is in its right state before you hit the freeway. Before heading out for that trip ensure that;

  • A qualified mechanic carries out a thorough check on your car. The tires, brake, belts, engine, battery and all other significant parts should be inspected.
  • You get a backup car charger or battery for your mobile phone.
  • That the spare tire in your car is in perfect condition. You can go as far as acquiring basic knowledge on how to change a tire.
  • You have prior knowledge of where you are going by getting the map downloaded plus, you can get a paper map to navigate your path.
  • You have gotten the contacts of roadside service providers along that axis.
  • Your driver’s license and registration, copy of car insurance policy and contact numbers are with you. Don’t forget to also take your car manual along.
  • NEVER carry gasoline in your car!!!!!


To ensure that a car owner or a driver stays in the driver’s seat at all the time, the under listed tips will help an individual to survive an impending danger and setbacks.


An ideal emergency kit should include the following:

A first-aid kit. This should include;

  • your prescription
  • band-aids
  • hand sanitizer
  • antiseptic
  • scissors
  • bug spray
  • aspirin
  • cotton balls
  • gauze pads
  • tweezers

Emergency Tools:

  • road flares
  • jumper cables
  • ponchos
  • tarp
  • duct tape
  • jack
  • gloves
  • heavy-duty rope
  • spare tire
  • reflective triangles

Supplies: extra water and food largely, non-perishable snacks.


Immediately you observe that your car has developed a fault, stay off the freeway and away from traffic as quickly as you can. Ensure you are not obstructing the flow of traffic by pulling over into a parking lot, emergency lane or a rest stop if there is any nearby. If you don’t see any, pulling over to a wide shoulder on the right side won’t be bad at all. It is safer to stay right under a street light if the breakdown occurred in the night so that you’ll be more visible.


No matter what happens, stay very close to your car. Better still, if there is someone with you in the car, let it be in his/her custody while you go around for help. There is a high possibility that you will get help sooner when you are in close proximity to your car.


Before going around for help after you might have pulled over, set the reflective triangles (already in your emergency kit) in the front and at the back of your car and press the hazard button in your car. Basically, doing these help others on the road to be aware that your car has developed a fault and that you need help.

Once that is put in place, prop up your car’s hood to indicate that you’re in need of roadside assistance.


As soon as your safety is guaranteed, put a call through to the roadside service provider that you have subscribed to. If you haven’t, use your mobile phone to search for a nearby auto shop or a repair facility.


Car breakdown can leave you pitiful and as well vulnerable. So, car owners should be sensitive and very vigilant at this juncture. Be careful about accepting help moreover, it’s advisable to call professionals who can render help than strangers who you can’t tell what their intention is. If road assistance is already on the way, appreciate their generosity and let them know that help is on the way.

Hire Ultimate Reflections Towing today! We manage emergency car troubles effectively ensuring that no client of ours is held stranded on a freeway. We offer emergency roadside services ranging from tire replacement, locksmith service, towing, emergency fuel delivery to winching or extrication. We offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. You should hire us because;

  • we have experience of several makes and models of automobile
  • we render emergency roadside services round the clock
  • we offer 30-45 minutes, on-time arrival guarantee
  • our workers and technicians are well trained, experienced and certified
  • we partner with most insurance companies to ease our clients
  • we offer excellent customer service and affordable pricing

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