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Safety Tips While Waiting For A Tow Truck

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Safety is preservation from danger. It is cautious to put safety first above every other thing, even in a difficult situation safety is key. Just in a bid to be safe, we cannot avoid plying the roads; it is essential for our daily lives and fun as well. Driving is an important day to day activity for many of us, without a good vehicle to use, things can go wrong. It could be for our jobs, camping trip or a road trip. 

All these could go wrong in a minute, the path to take is to call a towing service to avoid other unnecessary misfortunes. Just by calling for assistance with our vehicles and the likes does not just assure safety or leave the whole job to them. Safety while waiting for a tow truck is key. While you sit and wait, here are precautions to take to avoid posing a threat to others:

woman calling for tow truck on the road


1. Safe Parking of vehicles: Vehicles don’t tell you where they will go wrong, neither do accidents hint you. They could happen anywhere at anytime of the day. How you handle it after calling for help is the prioritizing of safety. No matter where you are, it is important to secure your safety in order to avoid untoward accidents while on the road. 

Every now and then, vehicles at different sizes pass by any streets, so to avoid a collision, make sure that your car is placed in an area where it is visible with fellow drivers. The first thing to do is avoid being a hindrance to other vehicles plying the same route.

This can be done by safely parking the car in a danger free zone; to avoid other vehicles colliding and prevent accidents. Even after this, some vehicles might still not see it, you make sure it is parked in a safe area that happens to be visible to other motor users. Flares and cones are very useful to hint other motor vehicles approaching that something had happened and they should be weary for yours and their safety.

2. Avoid traffic: The moment your car engine stops working, turn on your hazard lights and pull over to a safer area. Remaining in traffic can prove fatal; it can create a ruckus. Do your best to get out from traffic so you do not block other vehicles from passing by. Switch your hazard lights to signal the incoming vehicles.

3. Restrain from wandering on a busy highway: Stay inside the vehicle if stranded on a busy highway. If you are stranded in a busy highway, do not attempt to get out from the vehicle as it is very risky. Turn on the hazard lights (to create awareness and serve as a warning) and make sure to exit carefully when it is completely safe. If you have your family (especially children) with you, keep the door locks close so no one gets out while waiting for the towing service provider.

4. Avoid Free Rides from Strangers: It is precautious if you do not accept free rides from strangers, it could not always be safe. While there may be some good Samaritans willing to help you, it is not advisable to accept free rides from strangers. Some of these individuals may have bad intentions so better avoid them and wait for your recovery truck to come. A lot of robberies occur on highways, it advisable to be safe rather than sorry.

5. Always Request for ID Information: Ask the breakdown truck for their identification information to avoid unnecessary mix ups. When you call a towing service, make sure to know the driver’s name and other relevant information; even pictures and plate numbers are means of identification.

 This is very essential in order to verify and obtain help from the right people. Some criminals take advantage in this situation to extort money and take the vehicle. So be cautious and approach only the towing company you call.

6. Wreckful Abandonment: After calling breakdown lorry, walking away from the vehicle or leaving it on the road is not safe. It is a danger to an incoming motor-vehicle, it is in harms way; it is exposed to robbery. The issue with the car could have been a breaking down of the engines, but by abandoning it, it could be wrecked and also wreckful. 

Never leave your car unattended. Even if you think it is safe to get out from your vehicle, make sure to keep an eye on it. Do not attempt to travel or get a ride from anyone and leave your car. If the towing company already confirmed, just wait patiently and allow them to take your car instead of risking it going missing.

No matter how cautious you tend to be in maintaining your vehicle, there is always a time that you need to call a towing service to fix a faulty engine, change a flat tire, or open a locked car or move a motor-vehicle. This kind of situation is very stressful especially if you have an appointment to catch up or you are travelling with your children. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that safety should be prioritized while waiting for the towing company to arrive. Cars, trucks and other types of vehicles that pass through the road where you park can impose a threat to you and you can also happen to pose a threat to them. In order to make sure that you, your vehicle and your passengers are safe, follow these simple tips above stated.

Happy Customer Reviews

Felipe Barrios
Felipe Barrios
Carlos has towed my car twice and it’s always been an easy process. Comes in 25 minutes and is very friendly, would use again.
Veta Robinson
Veta Robinson
They are amazing folks. Carlos is a great driver!! He will get you taken care of
Whitney Davidson
Whitney Davidson
Carlos and Wesley came out to help me, after having a blowout on my expedition! They were fast to get here, professional, and very friendly!! I highly recommend calling them for any roadside assistance!!!
Sbmsarjun rakesh
Sbmsarjun rakesh
Carly White
Carly White
So I got into a wreck on 4/18 and they came and towed my car and gave me their business card, and I came to pick up some stuff out of it, it was hailing and raining HARD, and they still had someone come out to meet me so I could get my stuff! Had to come back the next day to get my tag and the guy was very sweet and helpful!
Felix Avila aguilar
Felix Avila aguilar
Great guys attention 100% good they are responsable. Everything was on time thx guys
Tyson Williams
Tyson Williams
Carlos was a real good driver, was a lot of help. Recommend this service company over Arrow
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