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If you need help changing your tow truck’s flat tire, Ultimate towing reflections is here to help. Our flat tire service is pocket friendly and we aim to get you back on the road asap. 

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Would you prefer we come to your home to change your flat tire? No problem, we’ll do that to your satisfaction. Just give us a call and we’ll be on our way.  (405) 437-8200If you need emergency roadside assistance tire change in OKC, you know who to call, Ultimate Towing Reflections, the towing company that cares.

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What Should I Do If I Get A Flat Tire And Don't Know How To Change It?

Find a safe spot:  The last place you want to be with a flat tire is stopped in the middle of traffic, so do your best to get the car in a safe place. If you’re in on a busy city street, try to make your way to a side street. If you’re on the highway, be sure to pull over to the right shoulder.      

Locate your spare tire and gather your tools:   Every vehicle is different, but finding your spare tire shouldn’t be too hard. Most cars have a spare tire well underneath the carpet of the trunk. You will also find that some vehicles mount the spare tire directly under the body in the rear or visibly on the rear hatch (for trucks and SUVs). You don’t want to make the mistake of using a spare tire, throwing the flat one in its place, and forgetting to replace it — because when the time comes to change a flat again, you’ll be stranded and out of luck.

Loosen your lug nuts Next, you’ll want to loosen your lug nuts. It’s important to do this before jacking up the car because once the tire is off the ground, the cranking motion will spin the wheel rather than loosen the lug nuts. If you do that, you’ll more than likely have to lower the car back down to the ground to loosen them — so do it right the first time. 

Find your jacking points and jack up your car:  Before you begin jacking up your car, it’s important to locate your car’s jacking points. Every car has several (usually four, two on each side) reinforced points on the under-body for safely and securely supporting a jack. When you jack up your car in a spot that’s not a jacking point, you run the risk of damaging the underside of your car or the jack failing, which could be very dangerous if you’re underneath the car.  

Finish loosening the lug nuts and replace the wheel:  Once your tire is off the ground, you can finish removing the lug nuts with your wrench or by hand if they’re loose enough, and then pull off the wheel with the flat tire. Make sure you don’t lose any of the lug nuts because you’ll need them to secure your new tire to the wheel. Most modern cars have five lugs, but you’ll find that some older (usually smaller) cars have four lugs.  Next, you can take your spare wheel and mount it on your car. While holding the wheel in place, screw on one lug nut by hand to secure the wheel. Then, screw on the rest of the lug nuts and evenly tighten them with your wrench. Slowly lower your jack so that your car returns to the ground gently, and make the lug nuts are torqued — you’ll know they’re tight enough when you can’t turn them anymore without exerting a lot of force.

Know your limits:  Changing a tire is a very simple task, but it does take a decent amount of physical effort. If you don’t think you’re up for the task because of a previous injury or an existing medical condition, don’t risk your health. It’s ok to call a friend or professional roadside assistance service. Alternatively, if it’s freezing cold, pouring rain, or you don’t have the right tools for safely changing the tire, you should also consider calling for help. 405-437-8200  

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Many spare tires are not full-size, normal tires. These smaller spares can’t be driven at normal speeds and should only be driven for short distances. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions and warnings for driving with a compact spare.

Many times, knowing how to change a flat tire with your spare is not enough to get the job done. The jack may not work or be tall enough. The lugs may be stuck. The spare may be flat, too! Or any number of other things could happen to derail your mission of changing that flat tire with your spare, contact us for the fastest roadside assistance OKC.

If you do run into problems while changing that flat tire with your spare, or need air for a flat spare, call the best roadside assistance in OKC  for Fast, Reliable Technician with all the proper tools and equipment to handle any problem that a flat tire can throw out.

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